The products and instruments offered and supported by JCS Services in India are used for a wide variety of purposes and are often at the critical path of Research and Development as well as for routine chemical analysis in a huge spectrum of types of laboratories.

This part of our web site will be used to highlight various Applications of our users and products so please check back here frequently to see our updated information.

Recent application notes and scientific studies have included:-

A new approach for constraining the magnitude of initial disequilibrium in Quaternary zircons by coupled uranium and thorium decay series dating
U–Pb age determination for zircons using laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry equipped with six multiple-ion counting detectors
In situ 207Pb/206Pb isotope ratio measurements using two Daly detectors equipped on an ICP-mass
Determination of U–Pb Ages for Young Zircons using Laser Ablation-ICP-Mass Spectrometry Coupled with an Ion Detection Attenuator Device

Isotopic composition analysis of dissolved mercury in seawater with purge and trap preconcentration and a modified Hg introduction device for MC-ICP- MS

Th/Pb geochronology of detrital zircon and monazite by single shot laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (SS-LA-ICPMS)
Laser-ablation split-stream ICP petrochronology
Quasi-simultaneous determination of U-Pb and Hf isotope compositions of zircon by excimer laser-ablation multiple-collector ICPMS
THE NU Attom High Resolution ICP-MS LASER Ablation U-Pb Geochronology
A new separation procedure for Cu prior to stable isotope analysis by MC-ICP-MS
The analysis of zircons by U/Pb analysis
Insights into deep carbon derived from noble gases
Improved abundance sensitivity in MC-ICP-MS for determination of 236 U/238 U isotope ratios in the
10-7 to 10-8 range
Low-temperature isotopic fractionation of uranium
Ne and Ar isotopic analysis by a multicollector noble gas mass spectrometer
A highly sensitive MC-ICPMS method for Cd/Ca analyses of foraminiferal tests

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